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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

We work with both Private and Public Sectors Companies
Banking & Financial Services

Financial services companies face a growing list of urgent technology-related challenges from hackers that threaten to do catastrophic harm, to confusing compliance standards that hinder productivity and drain company resources. The ability to effectively deal with these problems, while still running a profitable, efficient business, can be the difference between success and failure.

Most finance firms don’t have the skills to build and maintain their own information systems to industry standards, meaning they rely on a technology partner to help them make well-informed technology decisions. At Network Tulsa our seasoned IT specialists help financial services firms build customized technology solutions that address their specific needs and problems. Our Help Desk provides world-class service and support to end-users, and our dedicated cybersecurity team is an expert at implementing strategic security and compliance solutions to help mitigate risk and increase your firm’s security posture.


The challenges facing law firms are intensifying. While the demand for legal services has stagnated, new technologies have eroded the billable hour model and malicious hackers threaten unprepared firms with catastrophe.

Meeting this new reality with the best technology possible isn’t just the smartest option — it’s often a necessary step to remaining competitive and profitable. But where to begin? Most law firms lack the internal IT talent to make this transformation unassisted. This is especially true when you factor in specialist skills like regulatory compliance which are far beyond the ability of the average IT staff.


The Energy industry relies on technology now more than ever, so it is absolutely critical that your technology remains reliable. Network Tulsa has extensive experience supporting the energy sector. For over 20 years we’ve been Tulsa based energy companies with their IT needs to help manage costs and keep projects on schedule


Classroom technology shouldn’t be a luxury. Educating children in an IT-equipped classroom is a fundamental part of the new curriculum. Your students’ need exposure to the new digital tools that are rapidly transforming education, the economy, the country, and the world. We fully support the U.S. Department of Education’s National Educational Technology Plan (NETP). We can help your school with these obstacles

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